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Seven Creative Ways to Utilize Brochures as a Marketing Tool this Holiday Season

October 17, 2012 at 1:57 pm | In Advertising, Business Ideas, Marketing, Small Business | 10 Comments | Get this via email

I speak at gift shows across the country about grassroots marketing. I'm passionate about grassroots marketing because it involves the low-cost or no-cost implementation of creative marketing strategies versus expensive marketing techniques.

One of the tools I encourage retailers to utilize are full-color brochures because they look incredibly professional and are incredibly inexpensive and effective. I recently stumbled on a terrific new resource for brochure printing services, where you can print 1,000 full-color flyers for only 16¢ each. Even better, the more you print, the less you pay.

Due to the fact that it's so cost effective to print a color flyer nowadays, here are five creative ideas for utilizing a flyer to help you drive more sales:

Idea #1
Publish a calendar of store events that are taking place during the holiday season. I'm sure that you have plenty of fun festivities lined up for the holiday season, so make sure your customers mark their calendars by producing a flyer that announces all of your events in one place. Make sure that you drop one in each bag and have them available for distribution by your cash register.

Idea #2
Announce a contest. Everyone loves a fun contest and it's a great way to engage with your customers. Consider hosting a photo contest this holiday season, such as best dressed pet, or the best trimmed tree, or best photo of one of your store's products displayed in their home. Be sure to provide the contest rules and deadlines and clearly outline how and when the winner will be chosen.

Idea# 3
Why not come up with a special offer for the next three months? For example, 10% off candles for October, 15% off all jewelry in November and 15% off ornaments in December.

Idea #4
Market the reasons why it's important for your customers to shop locally (and let your customers know you're participating in Small Business Saturday). More and consumers are becoming educated about the benefits of supporting the local businesses in their community. Consider producing a flyer focused on the reasons why it's important to support your store.

Here are three facts you might want to include:

  1. According to a recent study by American Express, in communities with thriving independent retail, independent housing values are 50% higher than their broader markets.
  2. Independent businesses pay taxes which helps to support the local school system.
  3. Independent businesses provide jobs for the local community.
  4. Independent retail makes up just under 50% of the total retail sales in the country. Hence, independent retailers are a vital part of our country's national economy.

Idea #5
Encourage retailers to sign-up for your newsletter. Ideally, you should be actively collecting email addresses from your customers to build your list on a daily basis. But sometimes it's not always possible to ask each and every customer. Consider having a flyer placed near your register that gives an overview of the benefits of receiving your store's newsletter, along with a place on the bottom of the flyer to sign-up. Be sure to include a line on the flyer that states your store's email privacy policy (i.e., you never rent or sell your list).

Idea #6
Promote your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Be sure to give your customers reasons they should follow you online.

Idea #7
Advertise your store's classes. I believe that every store should offer some sort of class. It's a great way to get customers and prospects into the store, plus it's also a great way to build a sense of community. If you're not already offering classes, considering testing one out (such as a class on trimming the tree or decorating the mantle). You may want to partner with a local designer in the area to teach the class, and in exchange, you can offer a store gift certificate or trade them the opportunity to give every class attendee a brochure of her decorating services.

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