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Marketing to Men: How Retailers Can Reach Out More Successfully to Male Customers

November 4, 2011 at 9:15 am | In Marketing, Tips | Comments | Get this via email

I’ve been reading up on how retailers can better market to their male customer, and here are some observations about men’s consumer behavior and how you can better hone your message to reach out to them.

Men are likely to seek out advice about what products to buy (and where) online from people they don’t know. Customer reviews increase the credibility of your products and/or store for your male customers.

Men look for products that will help them become the man they want to be. Men are generally seeking power, prestige and distinction within their chosen community, profession or interest. So, when communicating with men, either on the sales floor or in your marketing, make sure you are highlighting how your products will help them become the man they want to be.

Men exist in the present and when shopping they are purposeful and want their desired product now. When marketing to men, remember to communicate how your business or product will help them achieve their purpose now.

Men tend to be linear, focused and sequential. Men appreciate organization and clarity when it comes to shopping. When it comes to attracting men to your store, create a store layout that appeals to a man’s desire for organization and sequential structure. Stores that require lots of browsing will likely drive many men nuts; they want to easily see the products they are seeking displayed in an organized, easy-to-find fashion.

Men value self-reliance and individuality. When communicating to men, make sure you highlight how your store or products will help men achieve greater independence, win over the competition and/or become number one.

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