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How to Sell Licensed Merchandise From Your Cart

August 7, 2007 at 2:46 pm | In Business Ideas | 84 Comments | Get this via email

This morning I received an email from a cart retailer asking me the following questions about licensed products.

How do you get started selling licensed products from a cart?
Can you manufacture your own licensed products?
How do you know if the company you're buying from is legitimate?

Most cart retailers that I've talked to generally start by buying licensed products from a reputable wholesale company (a good start, because the wholesale company has not only already negotiated the rights to use the team logo, they've also mass produced the item). There are many companies in the pages of our magazine who offer great licensed sports products.

To his second question (can you manufacture your own)… In order to do this you need to get permission from the league (football, baseball, hockey) to use their logo. It's my understanding that once this is granted, you pay an upfront royalty fee to them and an ongoing percentage of sales.

I know it's quite difficult to get permission. Your product must be unique (i.e., not a baseball cap, or product that they have already given the rights to someone else to produce).

That's why so many cart retailers do not produce or manufacture their own licensed products. They turn to wholesalers who have already done all of the work.

And make sure you're buying from an authorized distributor. Look them up, do your research… you don't want to find yourself in any legal trouble.

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